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We unite science, literacy and mathematics with an emphasis on argumentation as a cross-cutting practice via multimodal STEM text sets.

What is a Multimodal STEM text set?

A multimodal STEM text set is a sequence of “texts” (e.g., online resources, printed text, video, audio) and learning activities that pertain to a specific line of inquiry.

A multimodal STEM text set is designed and organized to build vocabulary and background knowledge for sense making in science with the aim of supporting all learners, including diverse learners in reading high quality complex grade level texts that address STEM standards.

Components of Multimodal STEM Text Set
  • Anchor Text: A rich, complex grade level text adapted from published research studies.
  • Instructional Scaffolds: Scaffolds designed to support learners to comprehend the content to be learned (e.g., graphic organizer, small group instruction) in response to learner needs (e.g., low reading ability).
  • Content Scaffolds: Scaffolds designed to build knowledge and the content to be learned (e.g., simpler text, multimodal texts, inquiry-based learning opportunities).
  • Anchor Phenomenon/Line of Inquiry: Overarching concept(s), sometimes thought of as a theme or main topic, that the text set is centered on, that connects to the anchor text.
Do multimodal STEM text sets work?

In short, YES! Even more exciting, multimodal STEM text sets work for diverse learners as well. But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at the evidence we have in support of using multimodal STEM text sets.

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What Multimodal STEM Text Sets and Anchor Texts are available?

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Over the next few years of our project we will be developing new anchor texts and corresponding multimodal STEM text sets.