We have closed the application process for the 2020-’21 Cohort!! Thank you for your interest in this unique program.

To be considered, candidates must:

  • Teach Science, English Language Arts or Special Education in grades 6-8 in Missouri.
  • Wish to further develop their teaching practices for all learners.
  • Recognize the value of interdisciplinary collaboration in teaching.

Applicants selected for 2020-21 are expected to participate in the program by:

  • Attending the orientation (Saturday, May 30, 2020), the 5-day workshop (July 13-17, 2020) and four workdays in the 2020-2021 academic year.
  • Utilizing in their classroom teaching, multimodal text set(s) and linked science and engineering inquiry activities developed within the summer workshop.
  • Engaging in instructional practices for all learners, reviewed in the summer workshop.
  • Committing to assist with learning assessments and program evaluation.

Participants will receive the following:

  • Professional development of evidence-based practices to enhance critical thinking, communication and literacy skills in science and engineering for diverse learners.
  • Stipend associated with attendance – up to $1600 for 80 hours of scheduled program activities.
  • Lunch and mileage for Orientation (Saturday, May 30, 2020) in spring, and the four workdays during the 2020-21 school year.
  • For out-of-town participants, room and board at MU for the July workshop, plus mileage.
  • For local participants, lunch is provided during the July workshop and the follow-up workdays.